Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm back (kind of)

Hi everyone, long time no speak! As you'll probably have realised, I said I would be back in December and it's now March ahh so I'd like to apologise for leaving it so long!
Also you'll probably see that my blog now only has this post and my theme and header have gone. I've decided to completely start again, no ads, no companies, this time it's just me writing and posting - not for other people, which will be weird as I've been I've been attached to companies pretty much since the day I've started. 

I've also decided to change what I post, I might do outfits and things but it's going to be a bit more 'lifestyle' with lots of pictures. So I'm not classed as a 'fashion and beauty' blog any more. I know a lot of you who read/follow this blog are into that kind of blog so I completely understand if you unfollow or stop reading or whatever so yeah, I won't be offended!

Last point I'm going to make is that this blog won't be going back to my regular posting pattern of posts every 2/3 days, I'll be updating when I have some time and something interesting to post instead of just posting for the sake of keeping up the schedule. With my GCSEs this summer, I really need to focus on them and getting my grades so blogging has to come second.

Wow, congrats to anyone who has read all that! Anyway, that explains everything so I hope you all understand where I'm coming from and I'll start posting again once my textiles coursework is finished in a few weeks!


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